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Fentimans & Hollows – All Natural Alcoholic Ginger Beer 8x 500ml Bottles


Fentimans & Hollows – All Natural Alcoholic Ginger Beer 8x 500ml Bottles

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A deliciously smooth gluten free alcoholic ginger beer made using just five natural ingredients: Ginger root, water, sugar, pear juice and yeast. Unlike other so-called ginger beers, this is the real thing. There’s no wine, nuts, hops, malts or any other artificial nonsense, that’s why it is called it an All Natural Ginger Beer. The quality and superior taste of Hollows is attributed to the traditional slow fermentation and botanical brewing method. The unique process combines the finest hand-picked herbs, natural flavourings, sugar and brewer’s yeast, and is then fermented for a two week period with Chinese root ginger and botanical ingredients. The process releases a deeper and more satisfying ginger flavour resulting in a pleasantly quaffable naturally cloudy real ginger beer, free from all artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives. The Hollows story is one that is rooted in heritage and tradition. In 1906, Thomas Fentiman gave away the hand of his eldest daughter, Maria, to John Hollows with a rather unique gift; his secret family recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer. Following the gift that was a recipe for success, John Hollows proceeded to manage one of the Fentimans family factories, and continued to produce the much-loved Fentimans beverages. Bottled up in large hand made stone jars known as ‘Grey Hens’ and in signature blue topped jars, Hollows managed door to door delivery to local customers, and began to make his mark on the Fentimans dynasty. Hollows & Fentimans then traded until 1927 when the company became Hollows and Co.

RTD’S (Ready to Drink) from TheDrinkShop

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