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Soberano 5 – Solera Reserva 70cl Bottle


Soberano 5 – Solera Reserva 70cl Bottle

Cognac & Brandy from TheDrinkShop

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Amber with golden glimmers Sweet, smooth and full bodied Fragant,touch of oak mixed with nuts. Serve with a slice of lemon, in a wide glass full of ice and mixed with a soft drink. It can also be served on the rocks or in a brandy glass. Can be consumed at anytime and anywhere (pubs, discos, bars,..), either at home or in social events. Soberano is classed as natural ‘Solera’ quality brandy. The long experience acquired since 1835 in brandy production and ageing provides Soberano 5 with unique character

Cognac & Brandy from TheDrinkShop

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