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Rubicon – Guava Juice Drink 1 Litre Carton


Rubicon – Guava Juice Drink 1 Litre Carton

Fruit Juice from TheDrinkShop

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The fruit is a joy to eat and has extremely good health properties. It has a greater vitamin C content than practically all other known fruits. The pear-shaped pink variety of Guava from Hawaii has a wonderful, sweet musky flavour and is exceptionally aromatic. Rubicon pioneers the process of complete seed-free extraction of the juice from the fruit which can only be achieved by experts. Rubicon Guava Juice Drink is made from a mix of pink and white Guava and embodies all the known characteristics of the fruit itself. Once tasted it’s distinctive flavour and aroma will never be forgotten.

Fruit Juice from TheDrinkShop

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