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Exclusive Wines from Araba/Álava in Rioja, Spain

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Try these Best Picks from Araba/Álava

Álava or Araba, which is officially called as ‘Araba/Álava’, is known to the world for its great-tasting wines.

Wine from Araba/Álava, in Rioja, Spain

This is a province of Spain and is popularly known as the historical territory of the ‘Basque Country’.
There are two major vineyards in this region of Spain producing some exotic wines for several years.

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I would say that it’s really worth tasting these best picks from this important wine region of Spain if you are a wine lover.

Major Wineries and the Best Wines of Araba/Álava

As mentioned above, this Spanish wine region has two major vineyards producing the best wines of the region. Let’s see them here:

Bodegas Valdemar Vineyard

This vineyard has its location in ‘Oyon’ of Álava’ and is covering a widespread of vineyards all through the Rioja wine region. This vineyard first planted its vine grapes during the year 1889 which was done by ‘Joaquin Martinez Bujanda’.

After him, his family has continued this extraordinary work for more than 125 years now. Bodegas Valdemar has the pride of being the first winery to produce cask fermented white wines. Moreover, it has become the first European winery to regulate the fermentation temperatures during the year 1983.

Best Picks from Bodegas Valdemar:

Tempranillo 2011

This is a 100% Tempranillo red wine varietal with a garnet-red colour. This would have purple hues and would be clearer and brighter.

The aroma of this red wine will be complex with ripe fruit flavours along with the subtle spicy aromas of vanilla, as well as caramel. This is popular as a well-rounded, well-balanced wine which would leave you with a complete and longer aftertaste.

Inspiracion Valdemar Tempranillo Blanco 2011

This wine has the pride of being the first white wine made from ‘Tempranillo’ in the whole world.

This would come with a pale yellow colour and would look brighter with golden reflections. This wine would have the richer aromas of tropical fruits along with the hints of pineapple and melon.

The entry of this wine in your mouth will be smooth with a pleasing acidity.

Other Wines from Bodegas Valdemar

  • Inspiracion Valdemar Graciano 2005
  • Garnacha Rosado 2011
  • Inspiracion Valdemar 2008
  • Inspiracion Valdemar Edicion Limitada 2005
  • Rioja CrianzaBodegas Valdemar – Conde De Valdemar Roja Blanco Finca Alto Cantabria 2011
  • Rioja Gran Reserva 2007

Wines from Araba/Álava

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Bodegas Faustino Vineyard

The history of this vineyard was started in the year 1861 when the winery was bought by ‘Eleuterio Martinez Arzoc’. However, the Faustino vineyards were destroyed by the Phylloxera which led to the reconstruction during the year 1920.

Currently, this family-owned business is successfully running with more than 47,000 casks of high standard wines. All of the wines that are being produced by this winery are ‘DOCa Rioja Classified’.

Best Picks from Bodegas Faustino:

Faustino I – Gran Reserva 2001

This red wine varietal has been selected as the Decanter’s ‘Number One Wine of the Year’ out of 50 wines. With the restrained mineral style, this wine is found to be having elegant tannins.

This can be called as a youthful wine which is fresher, feminine, and also complex in nature.

Faustino – Brut Reserva

With a pale yellow color, this wine would look brighter with smaller bubbles. On its nose, this cava varietal would be more elegant and would have an outstanding yeast complexity.

This wine would give you the hints of vanilla, as well as lime. In your mouth, this would be slightly acidic.

Other Wines from Bodegas Faustino

  • Faustino VII – Rosado 2012-14
  • Faustino VII – Rioja Tinto 2012
  • Faustino – de Autor 2001
  • Faustino VII – Rioja Blanco 2014
  • Faustino V – Blanco Sin Crianza 2012-13
  • Faustino V – Cava Extra Dry
  • Faustino V – Reserva Rioja 2009-10
  • Faustino V – Rosado 2012-14
  • Faustino 1 Gran Reserva 1994, Rioja
  • Faustino 1 Gran Reserva 2004, Rioja

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