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Eden Valley Wine Region

Premium Wines from Eden Valley of Australia

Eden Valley, which is a small town in the Barossa Ranges of Southern Australia, is one among the important wine regions of the country known for producing premium wines.

This wine region that is located immediately north of the city of Adelaide is especially popular for producing premium wines from Shiraz and Riesling grape varieties.

Eden Valley Australia

This region, which is covering an area in the Mount Lofty Ranges, has almost 2,264 hectares under wine grape cultivation.

Wine grape varieties

In the whole of Australia, Eden Valley is known to be the home of legendary winemakers.

Here, lets see everything about the wine production in Eden Valley of Australia…

Introduction to the Eden Valley Appellation

This region has derived its name from the small town in the Eden Valley called Garden of Grapes and Gums.

The Eden Valley wine region is found to be extending from Truro on the northern side to just south of Springton on the southern side.

This region has two other important wine regions as its borders which are namely Barossa Valley wine region on the western side and Adelaide Hills wine region on the southern side.

This premium wine region received its appellation as a GI (Geographical Indication) during the year 1997.

Today, this wine region is found to be represented by a minimum of 36 wineries. This region is having a sub-region called High Eden.

Geography and Climate of Eden Valley Wine Region

As mentioned earlier, this region is found to be dotted with the rolling hills of Barossa and these are known to provide the altitude to the vineyards located in this region.

With regards to viticulture, these hills are playing a major role by providing the much-needed altitude, the most important factor for shaping the wine styles.

I would say that the best places for vine cultivation are found on the moderate slopes that are well exposed to sunlight.

These can be found at the elevations of 1200 to 1640 feet.

We could say that these heights are making the growing conditions cooler in Eden Valley wine region when compared to those in Barossa wine region thus giving the Eden Valley wines the prominent flavour concentration.

The average annual rainfall received by the Eden Valley is found to be 716.2 millimetres. This is again important in supporting the growth of vine grapes here.

When it comes to the soil, we can see a wide range of soils in this wine region.

More predominant soil types that can be found in this region are weathered rocks and gravels in the clay.

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Wines and Wine Grapes of Eden Valley

The most common wine grape variety that can be found in the Eden Valley is Shiraz which occupies almost 31% of the total vineyard of this region.

This grape variety is found to be used in the highly celebrated wines of Eden Valley including Henschkes Hill of Grace.

The wines that are produced from Eden Valleys Shiraz grapes are found to be riper with smoother tannins and will have fruity aromas along with healthy doses of sweet spices.

These are found to be exceptionally well-balanced and are capable of acquiring more complexity with aging.

Followed by Shiraz, Riesling is found to be the important grape variety here and these wines from Eden Valley region are found to be competing with those from Clare Valley.

The Riesling wines from Eden Valley are found to have exotic citrus and floral characteristics with refreshing acidity. They could develop some toasty notes with aging.

Apart from Shiraz and Riesling, this region is also producing some high-quality wines from Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grape varieties.

On the whole, the red wine grapes are representing 53.8% of vineyards whereas white wine grapes are representing 45.5% of vineyards in Eden Valley.

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