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Emilia-Romagna Wine Region

Look What Emilia-Romagna has for the Wine Lovers

As a wine lover, you would have definitely tasted the sweet Lambrusco wine.

This world-class wine range is coming from the Emilia-Romagna of North Italy. Being one of the administrative regions of Italy, it comprises the historical regions of Emilia and Romagna.

This region is often described as a rich and fertile region and is known to be the most prolific wine region of Italy.

With over 136,000 acres of vineyards, this is found to be occupying almost the entire breadth of the northern Italy with Tuscany, Lombardy, Veneto, and the Adriatic Sea as its borders.

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Here, let’s see what this fertile wine region of Italy has for the wine lovers…

History of Emilia-Romagna’s Viticulture

The history of winemaking in Emilia-Romagna can be dated back to as early as the 7th Century B.C., thus finding a place in the list of the country’s oldest wine regions.

It is believed that the wine grapes were first introduced into this region by the Etruscans.

When we take a closer look at the evolution of wine production in Emilia-Romagna, we would understand that Emilia and Romagna have two different histories.

Emilia, which was colonized by the Barbarians, was found to be a large producer of sparkling wines, whereas Romagna, which was colonized by the Romans, was producing wines to restore the balance of flavors in our mouths.

Current Status of Viticulture in Emilia-Romagna

Today, this region is producing almost 15% of the country’s wines.

In total, the region has 22 DOC wine regions and two DOCG wine regions.

In addition, it has nine IGT wines too!

When it comes to wine varieties, we can see an even distribution of white and red wines all around the Emilia-Romagna wine region with Vitis labrusca being the major wine grape variety here for several centuries.

Yes, the world-famous Lambrusco wines are produced from this grape variety!

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